Craft Activity Packs

Craft Activity Packs

Our mission is to create truly memorable, fun experiences for children through hands on arts and craft activities while they learn about the world.  Craft Nation activity packs are designed with this in mind.  Children get to complete two different activities and learn about a country's culture, traditional cuisine, wildlife, famous landmarks and festivals.

Why should you subscribe?

  • Craft activity packs are suitable for children aged 6+

  • Keep your children busy for hours, discovering the world while learning new skills.

  • Perfect educational resource for home school/school projects.

  • Work with curated, high quality, safe, non-toxic materials to complete two different arts and craft activities.

  • It's convenient and hassle free! Receive a different activity pack every month direct to your door.

What is inside each pack?

What do you get when you subscribe?

Depending on the subscription plan you selected, your children will go on a creative journey around the world, visiting different continents, learning about one country at a time and completing two DIY activities:

What type of subscription plan is available?

You can subscribe for 3, 6 or 12 months.  

The subscription renews automatically every month but you have the option to cancel any time.